People Finder People Finder Files:
Address History, Email (Over 355 million records), Wireless & Cellular (Over 176 million records, reverse or forward directory), Auto, Live National Directory Assistance with Non Published numbers.

Collossal Header File Collossal Header File:
240 million records with exact DOB, and current & former addresses where available

Consumer Live Lifestyle Consumer Live Lifestyle File:
Household Lifestyle & Demographic Data: over 110 million records with hobby, interest areas,  property & mortgage data, phones, lifestyle data and much more

Asset & Property Asset & Property Files:
National Financial Index, National Employment Scan, Property, Mortgage, Vehicle, Timeshare & Employments files. Watercraft, Aircraft, Business Ownership & More

Auto Auto & Vehicle File:
over 110 million records from 45 states, with constantly updated data, and searchable online by make, model, year, Geography, Radius, etc. We also include records searchable by Vehicle Tag and Odometer. This is one of the largest vehicle files in the USA.

Mortgage Mortgage & National Property Files:
over 64 million households: searchable by Name, address, lender name, loan amount. Mortgage Recoding Deeds are filed at the County level and recorded by title and abstract firms to secure first and second mortgage collateral filings against the property address and value.

Employer ScanPlace of Employment & Occupation File:
This incredible file contains more than 46 Million Employees, Employer Name and Job Title and/or Occupation where available. This is the largest unregulated POE file of its kind; Data is assembled from more than 17 different private and public sources into this proprietary databank useful in ASSET Searches, Skips, and Collections Garnishment efforts.

Court Records Court Records
National CRIMINAL, Arrest & Warrants, Bankruptcy, Business Federal Tax Liens & More. Our Bankruptcy file is updated Weekly, and among the most complete on the market !

Sex Offender Sex Offender
Updated monthly from 50 states sources where available – these are registered Sex Offender and Predator records

Court Records Bankruptcy Filings
Search across more than 107 Federal Bankruptcy courthouses for Bankruptcy filings and Discharges. We have Both Business and Consumer Bankruptcy Filings

Court Records Federal Tax Liens
Search more than 20 years of Business Federal Tax Liens filed by the IRS

Civil Suits & Judgment Filings - Coming Soon

Collections Collections Data Suite:
Sweep Search Access to our proprietary National Financial Index Scan, our National Employment search, Wireless/Cellular, Non-Pub DA, Auto & Property files in 1 handsome quick report.

National Business USA National Business USA Files:
FEIN Search, Complete National Business file of over 17 Million Businesses with URL, profile, facts and Officer contact names; National Bankruptcy

Employer ScanNational Employer Scan & National Financial Index:
Our unique proprietary Employer / Occupational file locates possible place of employment: the valuable FINANCIAL Index links Banking & Brokerage relationships verified at the household level for possible financial accounts. Over 20 million records with employer names, phones & details: names, addresses, home phones, work phones. (Employer names and addresses where available, business details where available).


Invaluable Background Reports for Employers, Investigators, Churches and Nanny Checks – this "LIVE SWEEP" report will provide more data in 5 minutes than you could discover in a 30 minute interview. Useful for Verification, Screening as well as uncovering facts, Criminal, Arrest and Warrants – this Report is sure to please. Satisfaction Guaranteed !

The Background “Sweep” Report scans all our databases gleaning matches and possible matches from every file including:

  •   Address History, DOB
  •   Current and Historical Phones
  •   Criminal, Arrest, Warrants, Sex Offender
  •   Email, Wireless phones, Landlines
  •   Property, Autos, Timeshares
  •   Professional Licenses
  •   and More... All in minutes right on your Screen.

We accept:

Batch Processing & File Licensing
We can process thousands or millions of records for you against any file, and provide API/XML file “Data Pipe” Access to your systems. Corporate Licenses & Installs available. Contact Liberty Data, Inc. Business Development at 800-299-8280

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